Mission Artemis: you can see Orion’s odyssey live from the capsule

Mission Artemis: you can see Orion’s odyssey live from the capsule

NASA has equipped its spacecraft with cameras, which make it possible to follow the epic of the vehicle in its journey between the Earth and the Moon. The agency can thus share many photos. But there is also a video stream that allows you to follow Orion’s odyssey live.

You can follow the route of the Artemis I mission around the Moon in real time. But there’s more: you also have the opportunity to connect to one of the cameras on board the Orion ship, to see space as if you were on board. To do this, go to this address. The video, provided by NASA, is broadcast on a special page set up by IBM.

Live video from Orion

Thomas Appéré, doctor in planetology, reported on Twitter on November 24 that the camera lately offered a beautiful view of the Earth. It is also thanks to these cameras that we were able to follow the arrival of the Orion capsule around the satellite, thanks to its objectives located at the level of the solar panels. It was on this occasion that the vehicle flew over the Moon at an altitude of barely 130 km.

Be careful, however: the American space agency reminds us that its video stream is not always the most spectacular, because it is not cinema: “ Viewers may see what appears to be a black screen when the vehicle is in the dark. There is no sound “, she writes. Otherwise, ” imaging is not continuous “. In short, you have to come at the right time.

Mission Artemis: you can see Orion’s odyssey live from the capsule
The kind of views one can have, depending on Orion’s position in space. // Source : Via Twitter @Nasa_Orion

As these lines are written and published, Orion is visible on the screen, illuminated by sunlight. We also distinguish, in the background, a grayish star and rather of good size – obviously, the Moon, account of the current proximity of the ship with it. When the Earth is visual, it is a blue ball that we see – a pale blue dot, in short.

If you ever see the Artemis logo or the last frame of good video data, the US space agency says, that means Orion is out of range of its communications network — or can cope. to an unexplained signal interruption, as happened on November 23. In this case, you will have to iron.

The SLS.  // Source: Flickr/CC/NASA/Frank Michaux (cropped photo)

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