mosquito management operation after the detection of a case of dengue fever

mosquito management operation after the detection of a case of dengue fever

A mosquito management operation befell early this Tuesday morning within the Orangerie and Strasbourg districts. This follows the invention of a case of dengue in a resident who had traveled to a tropical nation.

The districts of Orangerie and Austerlitz, in Strasbourg, underwent a mosquito management operation early on Tuesday morning. A necessity to keep away from the proliferation of tiger mosquitoes, probably carriers of dengue fever after the invention of a case of this illness final week in an Alsatian resident. He had just lately been to a tropical nation.

Kill grownup mosquitoes

An insecticide was sprayed on the streets to kill grownup mosquitoes. “This therapy goals to kill grownup mosquitoes that would have bitten the sick individual”, conforms Rémi Foussadier, director of the Interdepartmental Settlement for Mosquito Management of the Rhône.

“We diffuse a fog that carries an insecticide. It’s this fog that may destroy grownup mosquitoes. Usually, it’s 100% efficient,” he provides.

A examine can be carried out within the morning to confirm that every one grownup tiger mosquitoes have been killed. There could also be traces of mosquitoes within the larval state. Nonetheless, the chance of illness transmission now not exists as a result of the feminine doesn’t transmit it to her eggs.

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