“Motorists can cross them well”, according to the SPW

“Motorists can cross them well”, according to the SPW


The Q8 petrol station on boulevard des Nerviens is not happy! Last Friday, workers from SPW Mobilité came just ahead to paint continuous white lines in order to create two strips so that the buses could circulate more easily following the work on rue Royale and place Crombez. “I didn’t really watch when they came to do this work, but when I saw what it looked like, I really wondered why they had done that,” says Laurane Hollemaert, an employee at the station. “In fact, whether you’re coming from the station or from Imagix, you simply can’t turn to get gas or access the store. And inevitably, it’s a huge problem because there are far fewer customers than before! “.

Since these developments, the turnover of the trade has literally dropped! “On Monday, there were twice as many customers, it’s simple. It’s very quiet since people are illegal if they want to come since you can’t cross a white line. And those who do tell us that they really hesitate before coming. There are a lot of reactions so far. Frankly, we do not understand how it is possible to have come to this. Everything was going so well before. In addition, the managers were not at all warned of what was going to be done. For me, they were just retracing the lines…”.

The SPW restores the truth

Contacted by us, the SPW Mobilité, responsible for national roads such as Boulevard des Nerviens, answered these questions. “People can pass these two new, freshly put lines,” explains Romain Gremmens, head of the Tournai district for the SPW. “It’s two white lines with a width of 20 cm so they can be crossed. But ordinary mortals don’t know that. We are therefore discussing in order to make things more visible for motorists. We may modify this course which is temporary following the work well known by all Tournaisians. It is moreover the TEC which requested these modifications”.

Things should, therefore, quickly return to order for the Q8 station but also for the car wash located next door.

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