“My beloved naturo potions every day”: Convention in Waldighoffen

“My beloved naturo potions every day”: Convention in Waldighoffen

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Véronique Beck-Yvars has written the e-book “My naturo potions, beloved every day” to show everybody tips on how to use pure cures and meals dietary supplements, to take care of the minor sores most frequently encountered in session. Digestive issues, dry pores and skin, fatigue, nervousness, low libido, painful menstruation, sleep issues, complications, low immune system, cramps, hair loss, joint ache… For every dysfunction, she provides easy cures comparable to vegetation within the type of natural teas, important oils, sure micronutrients, meals dietary supplements to appropriate deficits or overloads within the physique. It particulars their curiosity, their actions, their dosage and the length of the cures. This e-book permits you to familiarize your self with the commonest cures, in line with a naturopathic calendar that needs to be tailored in line with the little sores of every one.

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