“My darling is 20 years older but the difference is not felt” (video)

“My darling is 20 years older but the difference is not felt” (video)

Just a few days before the end of her reign, Chayenne Van Aarle, Miss Belgium 2022 looks back on her year, her participation in Miss Universe, cosmetic surgery and her new love story!

Chayenne Van Aarle, next February 11 during the Miss Belgium final in La Panne broadcast live on Sudinfo, you will lose your crown. Aren’t you too sad?

No ! I lived beautiful moments for a year. I learned a lot of things that I could pass on to the future miss. I will help her like a sister in her new journey. It was a dream for me that I was able to realize! He had to stop at some point.

For several years, Flemish women have been elected, which has generated many controversies. Do you think that this year a French-speaking miss could be elected?

Yes, they have their chance to win Miss Belgium like the other misses. I really think that this year, we could have a French-speaking miss who becomes Miss Belgium and I will be super happy!

You recently returned from Miss Universe. Unfortunately, you did not win the title. How did you experience the competition?

It was the best week of my year. I have met many people! I did not feel in a competition and everyone was benevolent. To tell you the truth, I didn’t feel any jealousy between the girls. I didn’t finish in the top 16 but honestly I think the Europeans are less lucky than the Americans for example.

There were no low blows between the participants?

No, there was just Miss Brazil who wanted to tease me. She told me that it had been a long time since there had been a Miss Belgium elected to Miss Universe (laughs).

You had cosmetic surgery before entering the competition. Was it allowed?

Yes, the competition took place in New Orleans and there, doing cosmetic surgery is not frowned upon like in Belgium. It’s another world and they are more evolved! I had injections in my lips before leaving but that’s it.

To have the chance to become Miss Belgium, what qualities do you need to have?

Today, you don’t just have to be beautiful. Gone are the days when we gave the scarf and said: “You are the most beautiful in Belgium”. It is essential to prove yourself and show that you work hard. I loved getting involved in several causes that were close to my heart. And I am thinking in particular of the women in prison whom I visited a few months ago. It was an intense emotional moment!

Would you mind if the future miss had already had surgery?

Not at all. But she has to be honest about it. You know we live in a new world that is constantly evolving!

You posted a photo with your new boyfriend, 20 years older than you. As Miss Belgium, is it allowed to be in a relationship?

Yes, but I must admit that during the year of reign, the days are so full that it’s complicated to make room for someone! Priorities are put elsewhere and this is completely normal. After February 11, I would have a little more time to devote myself to my darling. Things are going really well between us. He is older but we do not feel it. We met by chance during a studio recording for one of my songs.

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