“My smile reappears on my face”: Stéphane Plaza posts a poignant message over the Christmas weekend

“My smile reappears on my face”: Stéphane Plaza posts a poignant message over the Christmas weekend

Stéphane Plaza is often associated with good humor and freshness. The animator, highly appreciated by the public, is willingly teaser and has the easy verb. And yet, the enchanting period of Christmas is not really for him.

Indeed, after the death of his dear mother in 2016, the end of year celebrations remained a difficult time to pass. Except this year.

On his Instagram account, Stéphane Plaza posted a photo of him wearing a big smile and posing in front of a Christmas tree. In legend, a nice message of peace with himself, but also of love.

“For Christmas, you have to know how to spoil your loved ones and for all those who have been good, it could well be that Santa Claus”he writes first before remembering a sweet memory. “All in a sweet scent of childhood, that of the roasted chestnuts that Mum and Dad offered us as the end of the year celebrations approached or that of mulled wine which at nightfall reminds us that winter is here. .”

“It’s a period that I hated”

A positive message which shows that Stéphane Plaza has managed to take advantage of this moment of sharing with the family. “It’s December 24, my smile reappears on my face”he announces. “It is true that for a few years, it was a period that I hated, which saddened me….. I decided to heal my wound, to heal my heart, to get better, so that my guardian angel would be happy to see me smile. The pain is lessening although I miss this loved one terribly, but this year, Christmas, it will be with my loved ones. I no longer isolate myself, I now want to live and take full advantage of them, because the family is sacred”he delivers. A nice gift to himself for Christmas!

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