New inheritance law: the Swiss Cancer League informs and advises, in …

New inheritance law: the Swiss Cancer League informs and advises, in …

Swiss Cancer League

People who settle their estate by will can now freely dispose of at least half of their assets. This increased flexibility makes careful estate planning all the more important. This is why the Swiss Cancer League has entered into a national partnership with Credit Suisse for the organization of information sessions on pensions and estate planning.

The new inheritance law which came into force on 1.1.2023 introduces significant new features: the reserved portion of direct descendants is lowered to 50% while that of parents is abolished. This therefore significantly increases the leeway of the testator or testatrix. “The new inheritance law is a good opportunity to review your inheritance and adapt it if necessary. It is worth thinking twice in an often emotional area,” notes Désirée von Michaelis, Head of Wealth Planning at Credit Suisse.

The will and the advance directives are important means of enforcing one’s will until the end. The number of valid pension documents in Switzerland is relatively low, while the need for information is high. This is why the Swiss Cancer League and Credit Suisse have decided to combine their skills to jointly develop ten information sessions. They will take place in the summer in different regions of the country and online. While experts from Credit Suisse will provide banking know-how, the Cancer League will inform participants about the points to observe with regard to advance directives.

“Addressing these questions in time allows you to see things clearly for yourself and those around you,” emphasizes Daniela de la Cruz, CEO of the Swiss Cancer League. We are happy to be able to inform and advise interested parties on these essential topics, thanks to the partnership with Credit Suisse. »

More information :

The dates and locations of the information sessions will be published in mid-July.


The league against cancer advises, supports and informs people affected by cancer and their loved ones. It engages in a targeted manner in prevention and screening and encourages independent cancer research. The League Against Cancer is a national association which brings together 18 cantonal and regional leagues and an umbrella organization, the Swiss League Against Cancer. It is mainly funded by donations.

The Swiss credit is a leading international financial services provider. The bank’s strategy is based on its core strengths: its position as a leading wealth manager, its specialized investment banking and asset management services and its strong presence in Switzerland, its home market.

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