Nightlife: the Fuse closes its doors in Brussels

Nightlife: the Fuse closes its doors in Brussels

The “Fuse” nightclub has existed in Brussels for 29 years. The club has now made the decision to close its doors from this Thursday. In question: a conflict with a neighbor.

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Lhe Brussels “Fuse” nightclub has expressed itself on social networks.

“After almost 29 years of existence, the Fuse has received an immediate order from the Brussels regional administration (Brussel Leefmilieu/ Bruxelles Environnement) to broadcast music at a maximum of 95 dB and to close its doors at 2 a.m. morning. It is impossible to open a club under these circumstances, so the club will remain closed from today.

This decision is prompted by complaints from a neighbor who bought an adjacent house a few years ago. Although extensive insulation work has been carried out and a compromise has been worked out intensively, the problem has not been resolved.

The Fuse has lodged an appeal against this decision with the Milieucollege/Collège d’Environnement, and a decision is expected on 25 January.

It is very regrettable that an emblematic club bringing together thousands of music lovers and artists, employing 10 people on weekdays and 80 employees on weekends, is endangered because of a neighbour. It is clear that the closure of the Fuse Club and the parties it hosts also has an impact on the local economy, foreign tourism and cultural life in Brussels.

We ask the competent regional authorities to reconsider this decision. As always, Fuse is ready to work constructively together to find a solution.

We hope for a quick and positive decision for the reopening of the oldest techno club in Belgium. »

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