One in three Belgians would like to “never” switch to an electric car

One in three Belgians would like to “never” switch to an electric car

We will therefore not be surprised to find that the north of the country is the most inclined to make the electrical transition, while in Wallonia and Brussels, only 40% think of taking the plunge before 2029. 35% of Belgians also indicate that they “never want to go electric”, i.e. 6% more than in the 2021 study.

Under duress

If the motivations of existing users of electric cars are mainly environmental (66%), financial (52%) and fiscal (50%), 53% of respondents cited the obligation (by political decision) as the main reason that would push them to opt for a “low-emission” vehicle. This is much more than ecological conviction, cited by “only” 31% of respondents.

Prices and the network, Achilles heels

Unsurprisingly, the elements that could reverse the trend, or in any case trigger greater interest in electric cars are still the same: a lower purchase price (70.5%), more charging terminals (61.7%) and greater autonomy (61.4%).

Satisfaction on the rise

Let’s end with an encouraging note: more than 6 out of 10 electric car drivers say they are very satisfied with their use, compared to 54% in 2021. Perhaps this is due to the fact that 75% of them now have a home charging station, i.e. three times more than the previous year (26%).

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