Parking: soon change in a municipality of Brussels

Parking: soon change in a municipality of Brussels

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Lhe college of mayors and aldermen of the municipality of Schaerbeek gave the green light on Tuesday to the launch of a procedure intended to relaunch the generalization of green areas across the entire “city of donkeys”, a-t -we learned both in the office of the mayor Cécile Jodogne and with the alderwoman for Mobility Adelheid Byttebier (Groen).

The relaunch of a regulation corresponding to that which was canceled before the judgment of the Council of State a few days ago is at most a question of weeks, it is indicated to the cabinet of the acting mayor .

The procedure requires in particular the opinion of the regional mobility commission, confirmation from the Minister of Mobility and publication more than five days before entry into force.

The Council of State decided last week to cancel the regulation of the municipal college of Schaerbeek linked to the extension of the green zone in the municipality for procedural reasons.

In October 2019, the Municipal College had adopted a regulation aimed at removing the blue zone, an area in which it is possible to park for free for two hours, to transform it into a green zone, where parking is paid. This decision extended the paying green zones to the whole of the municipal territory, excluding the red zones, against 50% previously. Were targeted, roughly, the north and a good part of the east of Schaerbeek.

Pending the new municipal regulations, the parking meters have been taken out of service in the areas that have become blue again following the judgment of the Council of State. Users are therefore required to use the disc authorizing free parking for a maximum of two hours.

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