Patrick Sébastien regularly sent SMS to Macron, but he stopped: “It is useless” | People

Patrick Sébastien regularly sent SMS to Macron, but he stopped: “It is useless” | People

Last September, in the columns of TV Mag, Patrick Sébastien confided that he had a regular dialogue with French President Emmanuel Macron. “We exchange messages, I try to bring him up on things”, he specified then. But this Tuesday, January 3, in the program “En aparté” on Canal +, the famous host explained why he stopped sending SMS to the President of the Republic.


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“We saw each other twice and I have it from time to time on the phone”, confided Patrick Sébastien last September in an interview for TV Mag. “We exchange messages, I try to bring him up on things. I’m not a close friend, I didn’t dine with him at the Élysée. I have respect for the presidential function. I am also in contact with Robert Ménard, François Hollande”, added the host at the time.

This Tuesday evening, in the program “En aparté” on Canal +, Patrick Sébastien returned to his relations with the French president, affirming that from now on, he no longer sent him messages. “I no longer agree at all, I don’t like all that anymore. I am in the process of detaching myself completely from this political caste where I tried to do (move things forward)”, declared the ex-presenter of the “Plus Grand Cabaret du monde”.

According to Patrick Sébastien, who therefore no longer sends messages to Emmanuel Macron, these exchanges “are useless”. As he explained on Canal +, these SMS have so far made it possible to “bring up information from France from below to ask: ‘Can we do that?’” Do what exactly? The 69-year-old host will say no more.

“There should be a white revolution”

“I realize that it is useless because no one listens to us and that I am on the side of those. In this country, there are those who decide and those who suffer”, continued Patrick Sébastien, visibly disappointed that his conversations with President Macron did not bear fruit. “I have so many people around me who suffer, it will have to react at one time or another.”

The French animator then concluded: “I will still do the precursor: it would take a white revolution, that is to say non-violent. The majority of this country is made up of good, generous, humanistic people who take matters into their own hands and shake up all these puppets who are only up there for their ego.


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