PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium annual subscriptions offered at a low price

PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium annual subscriptions offered at a low price

A few days before Christmas, it is possible to treat yourself to one of the three annual PlayStation Plus subscriptions with a discount of up to 50%. Hurry, because the offer ends on December 22.

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Usually displayed at $69.99, subscription to the Essential service is currently offered at $34.99. The Extra level, which costs $114.99, can be purchased at $79.99while the Premium option, usually $139.99, will only cost $104.99.

According to the information on the PlayStation Plus page, it is possible to link the one-year subscription to the PlayStation Plus service to the one currently in effect on your account and thus take advantage of the current offer. “If you qualify for a can’t-miss offer on a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can take advantage of the special price and keep your subscription active longer. The new subscription will start as soon as your current subscription ends.

PlayStation also offers the option to change the subscription level. “To upgrade your subscription to PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium, you only need to purchase a subscription at that level. You will pay a pro-rated fee to bring your payments up to your new subscription level for the remainder of the paid subscription period.”

The PlayStation Plus service provides access to several free games per month, online multiplayer, exclusive member discounts, 100 GB of PS4 game data and 100 GB of PS5 game data on the cloud. In addition, Extra and Premium members on PS5 have access to a catalog of online games.

To see if you’re eligible for the offer and order one of the three PlayStation Plus 12 Month Subscriptions, head to the PlayStation Plus page.

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