practices suitable for all ages

practices suitable for all ages

Because the field of MCAs is vast. ” It is a set of very heterogeneous practices from each other, with very different levels of sitting “, recalled Véronique Suissa.

Some are regulated, but not scientifically validated, and vice versa. However, their common point is to be part of the field of health, prevention and well-being. The usefulness of the practices is, itself, particularly vast.

Everything will depend on the practice, the practitioner and the training that the latter has followed. “, she pointed. Nevertheless, two fields are particularly identified: prevention and well-being, as well as the consideration of weaknesses.

As for the choice of practices, everything will depend on what everyone wants and already practices in their daily life. ” We can naturally orient ourselves towards practices according to our way of beingexplains Antoine Bioy. Someone who is active may be less naturally inclined towards hypnosis or meditation than a contemplative person. »

Each of us is in fact in the best position to know what he is looking for and, from there, to move towards a practice adds Véronique Suissa.

The important thing then will be to choose the right practitioner taking into account his training, his speech, his posture ” if sectarian aberrations remain marginal, therapeutic aberrations are frequent and consist, among other things, in conveying inappropriate ideas that can lead to risks, or even diverting, voluntarily or not, the person from conventional care warns Véronique Suissa.

Attention, therefore, to practitioners referenced on platforms. ” If these tools can be very useful, as has been demonstrated during the covid, a real reflection must more particularly be initiated on the referencing of CAM practices and practitioners, in order to highlight, in particular, their level of foundation. »

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