Price explosion at bpost

Price explosion at bpost

The BIPT regulator has approved the price increases at bpost.

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Bpost will increase its prices by an average of 15% from 1 January. The price of the non-prior stamp increases by 16.8% while the prior stamp increases by 14.8% compared to 2022, the BIPT announced in a press release on Thursday. The regulator specifies that these increases are in accordance with the applicable postal legislation which authorizes price increases of up to nearly 30%.

The non-prior stamp will show a unit price of 1.39 euros next year. Compared to 2019, when the 0.95 euro non-prior stamp was introduced, the price will already have increased by almost half (46.3%). As for the price of the prior stamp, it will be displayed at 2.17 euros, thus tripling its value since 2017.

International shipments will also see rate increases next year of up to 21%, as will some domestic parcels. Thus, the cheapest parcel (0 to 2 kilos) will increase by 14.6%, from a unit price of 4.4 to 5.04 euros. National registered mail will be 12.2% more expensive, going from 7.53 euros this year to 8.45 euros from 1 January.

In six years, the “basket for small users”, including national and international standard letters and parcels for individuals and small professionals, has already become on average 73.5% more expensive, observes the Institute of Postal Services and telecommunications. “These strong price increases allow bpost to continue to generate high margins on this basket, despite a sharp drop in volumes. »

The difference is widening compared to the prices charged by our neighbors since in the Netherlands, the price of the prior stamp will only increase by 5.2%, to 1.01 euro. In France, the prior stamp will give way to an electronic hybrid form, but the non-prior stamp (D+3) will remain available at 1.16 euros.

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