PS Plus games December 2022, what are the free titles? – Breakflip

PS Plus games December 2022, what are the free titles? – Breakflip

Every month, PlayStation gives away free games to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Find in this article, the titles offered in December 2022.

For many years now, PlayStation allows players who have a PlayStation Plus subscription to collect free games every month.

This Tuesday, December 6, december 2022 free games are available and you can get your hands on all three titles offered until January 2, 2023.

What are the free games in December 2022 in PlayStation Plus subscriptions?

The three games that will be offered from this Tuesday, December 6 were unveiled a few days ago on PlayStation France’s YouTube channel.

Free games in December 2022 with PlayStation Plus (credits: PlayStation France)

As you had chance to see, you will be able to get your hands on two PS4 games and a PS5 game if you have the console, namely:

If you want to get one of these gamesWe remind you that you must be a subscriber to one of the three PlayStation Plus formats which is available on the Play store at :

  • The PlayStation Plus Essential (the equivalent of the old PlayStation Plus model) with three packages:
    • The monthly at 8.99 euros
    • The quarterly at 24.99 euros
    • The annual at 59.99 euros
  • The PlayStation Plus Extra with three packages:
    • The monthly at 13.99 euros
    • The quarterly at 39.99 euros
    • The annual at 99.99 euros
  • The PlayStation Plus Premium with the following prices:
    • The monthly at 16.99 euros
    • The quarterly at 49.99 euros
    • The annual at 119.99 euros

Don’t forget thatyou will need to have the subscription to continue playing the games you acquired with the PS+.

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