Quantum Surgical, the start-up that uses robotics to treat cancer

Quantum Surgical, the start-up that uses robotics to treat cancer

What if robots could treat cancer? This is the will of Quantum Surgical, a Montpellier start-up which has developed a robot with multiple benefits. Bertin Nahum, its president and co-founder was the guest of Tech&Co.

Treating premature liver cancer is now possible thanks to robotics. Quantum Surgical has developed a robot, Epione, offering a very minimally invasive technique for the patient and which makes it possible to treat cancer in a much more effective way.

“We do not replace the practitioner, it is a tool that is there to help him, explains Bertin Nahum, president and co-founder of Quantum Surgical and guest of Tech&Co. It is a meticulous act to come and target a tumor that makes a few millimeters in diameter on a breathing patient. The robot will help the practitioner to position the ablation needle.”

100 patients already operated

This alternative to traditional surgery offers many benefits, both for the patient and for the practitioner. The opening of the abdomen is not necessary. Thus, the post-operation recovery becomes much simpler.

The treatment process takes place in several stages. First, the data from the scanners and MRIs performed by the patient are collected by the practitioner, who then enters them into the robot. The robot will thus be able to target the trajectory of the ablation needle in an extremely precise manner.

“We still have an artisanal surgery which essentially depends on the practitioner and his form on the day. With robotics, we will have much more equal performance between patients” notes Bertin Nahum.

100 patients have already been operated on with this new technology. “Less than 10% of eligible people benefit from this treatment because we have insufficient practitioners to perform this act. We are here to standardize this approach” adds the co-founder of Quantum Surgical.

Treat cancer at an early stage

The main objective of this robot is to treat cancer more prematurely than with conventional surgery. Traditional procedures often require a longer wait time since they require a larger tumor to be able to be treated.

Today, liver cancer affects around 3.2 million people worldwide. This type of disease caused the death of 830,000 people in 2020. Liver cancer is the third most deadly type of cancer, and the sixth most common.

But other types of cancer are or will soon be treated by the Quantum Surgical robot, as Bertin Nahum announced: “We started with the liver but we extended the robot to other organs such as the kidney, the pancreas. We hope very soon to be able to treat bone and lung cancers.”

Good news for the medical community, which can now rely heavily on technology. “In some cases, such as in orthopaedics, the robotic act has become the standard. We are in this phase where technology is entering the operating room in a significant way” concluded Bertin Nahum.

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