Rape of a young woman at ULB: the disturbing profile of the suspect

Rape of a young woman at ULB: the disturbing profile of the suspect

A 21-year-old young woman was the victim of a sexual assault with rape on the La Plaine campus at ULB. The profile of the suspect becomes clearer.

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Ln Wednesday, December 28, around 8:45 p.m., a 21-year-old student was the victim of a sexual assault with rape on one of the campuses of the Free University of Brussels. The facts occurred on the La Plaine site where the young woman, enrolled in the first year of bio-engineering, usually participates in practical work and laboratories.

The victim’s parents denounced this attack, describing the rape as “particularly despicable and sordid” and for “a certain time without any camera spotting the tragedy and without any ULB security service intervening, and this despite the screams of the victim throughout the duration of the attack”.

For its part, the ULB indicates that surveillance agents ensure the daily security of the campuses. “Security measures are reinforced during events,” said spokeswoman Ophélie Boffa. “While the investigation is ongoing, we cannot provide any additional information. »

The Brussels university has, however, decided to bring a civil action alongside the victim. The rector says she wants to do everything possible so that the young woman can continue her studies. “All my thoughts go out to the victim of the terrible sexual assault that took place a few days ago on the Plaine campus,” insists Annemie Schaus. “We contacted her as soon as we were informed of the aggression of which she was the victim, in order to bring her our help and express our sympathy to her. Sexual violence is intolerable. The university has been pursuing a proactive policy for several years to stem them. Our university campuses must be safe places for all. »

The profile of the suspect becomes clearer

This Thursday morning, our colleagues from SudInfo give some details about the profile of the suspect. A suspect already known to justice after being sentenced to 30 months in prison for fatally injuring a homeless man.

Detained in June 2021 for this case, he was then released unconditionally after his trial at the end of August 2022.

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