Rayman 4: A leak totally shows what the game could have looked like!

Rayman 4: A leak totally shows what the game could have looked like!

Character and emblematic saga of Ubisoft during the late 90s / early 2000s, Rayman had since been put on hiatus between 2006 and 2013. The reason is simple: Rayman 4, a project planned for 2006 had been replaced by Rayman against the Rabbids, and the success of these with the public was such, that Rayman 4 has since been completely forgotten.

However, the game was in development for a while, and it looks like the whole game just leaked on the internet. Source code, editor, everything is there. Want to see Rayman 4? Let’s go.

Absolutely everything is there

And we’re not talking about a small leak, literally the whole 2006 project is in nature. Source code, level editor, spider mounts, the birth of the raving rabbits… Everything is there. It is on Twitter that reveals it to us @RibShark, and the origin of the source is said to be from 4chan.

We can see Rayman on the back of a spider, almost finished levels where Rayman invades a Raving Rabbids ship and blows it up, a rather creepy level project called “Sphincter Cell”, no need to explain, you’ll have the ref’ , and yes it looks a lot like it.

Some are already having fun

The source code being public, other users on Twitter have already had fun visiting the lost project and sharing their findings.. A Rabbids Space Invasion as above, or even more gameplay in this video from @TheZombieKillerwhere more melee combat can be observed. Another very funny discovery via @RaymanForSmash is that Rayman in this opus being supposed to have the skin of Rayman completely naked except for a sheet on the private parts, which we will find in 2013 in Rayman Legends.

Since Rayman Legends, the license’s last solo game in 2013, we’ve only been entitled to spin-offs on mobile, or more recently Mario + The Rabbids: Sparks of Hope. Can we still hope for a real new generation Rayman 4?

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