Rolling Stone publishes its ranking of the best artists of all time and snubs Celine Dion, her furious fans | Music

Rolling Stone publishes its ranking of the best artists of all time and snubs Celine Dion, her furious fans | Music

Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé or even Freddie Mercury. These few names are among the 200 best artists of all time according to Rolling Stone’s updated list. “They shaped history and defined our lives,” the magazine says. But obviously not Celine Dion. An oversight widely denounced by his fans on social networks.

Rolling Stone magazine recently released its updated list of the 200 greatest singers of all time. “These are the artists who have made history and shaped our lives – from suave vocals to raw screamers, from gospel to punk, from Sinatra to Selena to SZA,” the publication explains.

Aretha Franklin takes first place on the podium. She is followed by Whitney Houston on the second step, and Sam Cooke on the third. The ranking also includes artists like Billie Eilish (198th), Taylor Swift (102nd) or Bruce Springsteen (77th). But readers quickly noticed that Celine Dion was not selected.

In its columns, Rolling Stone explains that it used “an elaborate voting process” to compile this list, which was first published in 2008, adding that it leans heavily towards “classic rock and singers from the 60s and 70″.

Fatal error

“Before you start reading (and commenting), keep in mind that this is a list of the greatest singers, not the greatest voices. The talent is impressive; genius is transcendent”, writes the magazine again. A justification that does not find favor in the eyes of fans of the Canadian singer. On social networks, many are denouncing this oversight. “The omission of Celine Dion automatically renders the list invalid. That’s why Rolling Stone lists should never be taken seriously”, writes a user.

“A ‘greatest singers’ ranking that doesn’t include Celine Dion just doesn’t hold up – there’s no discussion to be had,” adds another user.

The position of certain artists within the list has also been questioned, such as Michael Jackson who is in 86th place, or Alicia Keys, who is 185th in the ranking.

severe syndrome

Celine Dion recently announced that she suffers from “stiff person syndrome (SPS)”, a neurological disorder that “affects one in a million people”. “As you know, I’ve always been an open book. And I wasn’t ready to talk about it before – but I am now,” the 54-year-old singer said in a video shared to her Instagram account. “I have had health problems for a long time. And it’s been really hard for me to deal with those challenges and talk about everything that I’ve been through.”

His European tour, which was to resume at the end of February in the Czech Republic, has once again been postponed. On the other hand, the six concerts planned at La Défense Arena, near Paris, in September 2023 are maintained.

The star had performed the first 52 shows of the tour before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020. The superstar then announced last January that she was canceling the North American leg of this tour due to her problems. health.


What is “stiff person syndrome”, the rare neurological disease from which Celine Dion suffers?

Celine Dion suffering from a “rare neurological disorder”, she again cancels part of her tour

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