Ryanair pushes for fairer Europe, including Belgium

Ryanair pushes for fairer Europe, including Belgium

The Irish company pleads for the carbon tax to be extended to long-haul flights. The subject must be decided by Europe this week. The latter, including Belgium, is against.

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LLife is made of surprises. The boss of the low-cost company, the leading airline in Europe, pleads for the stricter application of an environmental tax measure. What is more, for a question of social justice. What’s more, he does it in the company of William Todts, the boss of T&E (Transport and Environment), a federation of NGOs defending a transport policy centered on sustainable development. Since 2012, Europe has subjected airlines operating in European skies departing from a European airport to a tax contribution on carbon emissions. This system, called ETS (Emissions Trading System) has so far only applied to intra-European flights. Flights departing from Europe to more distant destinations, as well as so-called transfer flights, making it possible to reach a departure airport for a long-haul flight, are exempt from this.

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