Rye flour: what well being advantages?

Rye flour: what well being advantages?

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Rye is a cereal primarily processed into flour, as for wheat flour, there are differing types T 85, T130, T170.

The kinds or “T” correspond to the speed of minerals current per 100 g of dry matter. The upper the speed, the upper the mineral content material. For optimum well being advantages, you’ll need to go for entire rye flour.

Fairly often consumed within the type of bread, it may also be an ingredient of alternative to your desserts and culinary preparations.

Traits of rye flour

  • Wealthy in fiber;
  • Helps preserve secure blood sugar ranges;
  • Supply of magnesium;
  • Regulates transit;
  • Wealthy in iron;
  • Antioxidant properties;
  • Satisfying properties;
  • Prevention of cardiovascular illnesses.

Dietary and caloric values ​​of rye flour

Rye flour is a meals wealthy in fiber, micronutrients together with iron and magnesium.

For 100 g of T170 rye flour:


Common content material

Energy (in kcal)


Water (in g)


Protein (in g)


Carbohydrates (in g)


Lipids (in g)


Dietary fiber (in g)


iron (in mg)


magnesium (in mg)


vitamin E (one mg) 4.27
zinc (in mg) 5.04

The advantages of rye flour

The well being advantages of rye flour are many.

Fibers, simple well being advantages

The roles of fibers are a number of:

  • they take part within the regulation of transit;
  • they permit a greater feeling of satiety;
  • they cut back the absorption of glucose, making it attainable to keep away from extreme variations in glycaemia (lconsumption of fiber is really useful, particularly for individuals with diabetes);
  • they affect the glycemic index of the meals (the velocity with which glucose is absorbed by the physique, a too excessive GI being dangerous to well being). Excessive-fiber rye flour subsequently has a medium to low GI, which is useful to well being.

Fiber additionally decreases the intestinal absorption of ldl cholesterol. They preserve the intestinal microbiota, dysbioses are concerned in pathologies reminiscent of kind 2 diabetes, weight problems.

A number of scientific research have demonstrated a correction between the consumption of fibers and the prevention of colorectal most cancers.

Magnesium to forestall cramps

Rye flour is an effective supply of magnesium. This mineral is concerned in muscle contraction in addition to nervousness. It’s a cofactor in over 300 biochemical reactions.

70% of the French inhabitants doesn’t meet its every day magnesium wants, common consumption of rye flour is a big supply.

Iron to forestall anemia

Iron is an important mineral for the right functioning of the physique, it permits the synthesis of purple blood cells (purple blood cells) whose perform is to move blood gases and distribute oxygen to our cells. Complete rye flour has a outstanding iron content material, which is twice that of purple meat. Though plant-based iron is much less properly absorbed by the physique than animal-based iron, the trick is to mix vitamin C-rich meals in your preparation or meal to extend absorption.

Supply of antioxidant vitamin E

Rye flour has a big vitamin E content material, with antioxidant properties. Antioxidants block free radicals and cut back oxidative stress accountable for sure cancers, cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes and neurodegenerative illnesses.

Good to know

Cereals comprise phytates (antinutritional elements) which block the absorption of minerals, however baking processes and leavening destroy a few of them, thus growing the absorption of magnesium and iron.

Rye flour has many dietary advantages, the phytosterols current will even cut back the absorption of ldl cholesterol and can be an ally within the prevention of heart problems and hypercholesterolemia.

Rye flour is offered in supermarkets and natural shops.

meals ID card

  • Household: Poaceae (grasses);
  • Origin: France;
  • Season: harvest in summer season;
  • Color: greyish;
  • Taste: impartial.

Ideally go for natural flour

For wholemeal flours, the bran (grain envelope) isn’t eradicated, so it’s best to ideally go for natural flour. Certainly, if the minerals focus primarily on this a part of the grain, it’s the similar for the pesticides.

Storing rye flour properly

Rye flour could be stored for six months in an hermetic container away from humidity, warmth and air.

If the primary use of this flour is to make bread, it may also be used to make many desserts.

Watch out, this flour being very wealthy in fibres, the latter take in the liquids of the preparations extra, you’ll subsequently have to extend your portions of overwhelmed eggs and milk!

In candy desserts

Make muffins, cupcakes, and cookies wealthy in iron by incorporating darkish chocolate wealthy in iron into your preparations and mixing every part with fruits wealthy in vitamin C for higher absorption:

  • orange chocolate muffins;
  • raspberry chocolate truffles;
  • pear and apple crumbles or a purple fruit crumble;
  • pancakes and purses with blueberry jam.

As an aperitif

Rye flour can be utilized to make do-it-yourself appetizer biscuits:

  • Shortbread Parmesan cheese ;
  • mini quiches;
  • miniature pizzas;
  • ham and Emmenthal savory muffins;
  • cheese gougères;
  • and so forth

Very best for crumbles

Crumbles are usually not essentially candy, make succulent crumbles with seasonal greens to serve sizzling or heat:

  • sunny vegetable crumbles;
  • pumpkin and candy potato crumbles.

Are there any contraindications to rye flour?

Rye incorporates gluten, this flour is subsequently not really useful for celiac sufferers and other people with gluten intolerance.

Very wealthy in fiber, if this flour helps to speed up sluggish transits, conversely, it’s not really useful for individuals affected by irritable bowel syndrome or with intestinal sensitivity.

Historical past and anecdotes

Burning illness and ergot

Burning illness, plague of fireside, sacred hearth, Saint Anthony hearth, gangrene of the Solognots… it is a mysterious illness that unfold within the Center Ages after durations of rain and meals shortages.

This epidemic precipitated 40,000 deaths in 994 within the South-East of France, already described in 945 in Paris within the chronicle of Flodoart: a plague of fireside destroyed the assorted members till dying put an finish to their torture. ..”

It was in 1672 that Claude Perrault established the speculation of a hyperlink between ergot and gangrene in Solognots. Will probably be needed to attend a century for the toxicity of ergot to be established, we now converse of ergotism (work by Tessier, Jussieu, Saillant 1775-1780).

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