Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is ‘2023 Product of the Year’ – Samsung Newsroom UK

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is ‘2023 Product of the Year’ – Samsung Newsroom UK

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is ‘2023 Product of the Year’ – Samsung Newsroom UK

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4 is “Voted Product of the Year 2023” by consumers in Belgium. This foldable smartphone thus immediately becomes the first mobile phone to receive this award. This consumer acclaim confirms the innovative and user-friendly character of the Galaxy Z Flip4. The winners of the competition will be able to display the coveted logo on their products for one year in Belgium.

The “Elected Product of the Year” competition has existed since 1987 in France and in Belgium for more than 20 years. Nearly half of consumers believe that the “Voted Product of the Year” logo helps them make the right choice[1]. The methodology and the exclusive consumer rating as a credible recommendation certainly contribute to this. “Consumers are – rightly – increasingly demanding, says Katia Van Eecke, Director of International Support of the organizing company POY OPERATIONS. Product innovations must earn their trust on the basis of objective and serious criteria. In this competition, the role of the consumer himself is decisive. A big advantage that the winners can take advantage of with pride”

The winning products are based on applications from brands that offer innovative products (less than 24 months on the market). Consumers evaluate product candidates through independent research conducted by Nielsen and provide feedback after testing the product. They evaluate the products on their innovative character, their attractiveness and according to the intention to buy. The product is tested in real consumption situations for more veracity. This test is carried out by treetz and integrated into the study of the independent research institute Nielsen.

A first for a smartphone brand
In recent years, many products have received the title “Elected Product of the Year”. These are mostly consumer products (FMCG); these are products with fast rotation, food, home maintenance, beverages or cosmetics. For the first time this year, a smartphone has also won this award, the Galaxy Z Flip4 from Samsung.

The winners mark their difference because of the adequacy of their products to the expectations and needs of consumers. These expectations are constantly changing and innovations must anticipate them. Throughout the year of the vintage, the winners will be able to use the famous red logo in all their advertisements, on packaging and, of course, in store.

Katia Van Eecke: “This logo plays an important role as a marker of innovation. It is recognizable and helps consumers make the right choice from an ever-increasing number of products. According to a recent consumer survey, 1 in 2 consumers would prefer to buy a product bearing the logo. »

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 enables exceptional experiences
Thanks to its compact and foldable design, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 enables exceptional experiences. You can take photos and videos from all possible angles and switch from ‘handheld’ to ‘hands-free’ mode. Many functions, such as calls, texts and even opening the car, are available without having to open your phone.

With its slimmer hinge, straighter edges, contrasting matte glass on the back and shiny metal bezels, this is Samsung’s most sophisticated design to date. On both the cover screen and the main screen, you can fully customize the Z Flip 4 inside and out with Galaxy Themes. Thus, you can personalize your collapsible by adding fonts, icons and patterns that you have chosen yourself. Also, you can create your own cover screen with new clocks and different types of backgrounds, such as images, GIFs, and even videos.

“We are delivering an unparalleled mobile experience with this Galaxy Z Flip4. This recognition as “Elected Product of the Year” and above all the satisfaction of the users questioned confirm that we have achieved our objective, explains Davy Moons, Mobile Marketing Manager at Samsung Belgium. Interest in foldable products continues to grow. We’ve successfully taken this category from a radical idea to consumer devices loved by millions of people around the world. »

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About“Elected Product of the Year”
“Elected Product of the Year”, founded in 1987 in France and for more than 20 years in Belgium. Since the spring of 2016, the organization has been run from Brussels, the headquarters of the organization present in more than 40 countries. It represents the opinion of several hundred million consumers around the world, which allows it to collect a great deal of information on innovation and consumption according to country and culture.

1 Shopmium study with 1,800 Belgian consumers, October 2022.

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