Saturn’s rings, lunar shreds?

Saturn’s rings, lunar shreds?

Saturn's rings seen by the Cassini spacecraft.

In line with the mannequin developed by an American staff, a grand recreation of cosmic billiards might clarify each Saturn’s rings and the present tilt of the planet’s axis of rotation. The origin of this obliquity of almost 27 levels was poorly understood and these researchers, to justify it, stage in Science of September 16 of the advanced interactions between Saturn, Titan (the most important of its satellites) and the planet Neptune. Saturn would have tilted increasingly more below the impact of those interactions, however the phenomenon would have been interrupted 100 million years in the past following the destruction of a hypothetical moon of the planet. The particles of the latter would then have created the well-known Saturnian rings. This state of affairs assumes that the formation of mentioned rings could be very current, whereas planetary scientists are divided on the topic, with some estimating that the rings are 4.5 billion years outdated, the identical age because the planet.

Photo taken by the Cassini spacecraft on July 29, 2011 showing Saturn, its rings and five of its moons.

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