Scientists have noticed octopuses throwing objects at one another

Scientists have noticed octopuses throwing objects at one another

She has blue blood, three hearts, and 9 brains — or nearly. Its intelligence is unequaled on this planet of invertebrates. The octopus is an incredible animal. And the thriller that surrounds it has simply thickened a bit extra. As a result of researchers from the College of Sydney (Australia) noticed, in Jervis Bay in Australia, people of the species octopus tetricus throwing particles. Silt or shells. Generally within the course of their congeners.

And all this in a really curious manner, too. The octopus proceeds by dropping objects into the water present generated by its siphon. This organ is historically used to propel itself at excessive pace and escape predators.

That is the primary time such conduct has been reported within the octopus. Throwing objects at a fellow animal has up to now solely been documented for only a few non-human animals. And researchers do not know what this conduct means. All they will say at this level is that it’s kind of extra related to females, and that aggressive people — scientists determine them by a change of their pores and skin shade — throw extra forcefully and usually tend to hit their goal than others…

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