season 2 of the Japanese series inspired by a manga available on December 22 on Netflix

season 2 of the Japanese series inspired by a manga available on December 22 on Netflix

Alice in Borderland season 2: when is it?

The Japanese series will invade our screens on December 22. The first season, released in December 2020, consisted of 8 episodes. Alice in Borderland ended with a tantalizing cliffhanger that left viewers in feverish expectation.

A second season was also announced very soon after this date. The success of the critics and the public encouraged the producers to make a sequel quickly.

How to watch Alice in Borderland season 2?

This series will be available in France and worldwide on Netflix only. It is highly unlikely that this work will appear on other distributors.

If you can’t wait for this date, nothing prevents you from seeing the first season again. You can also refer to the original manga by Haro Asô, made up of 18 volumes, available from Delcourt/Tonkam editions. There is also in France an epilogue composed of 2 volumes: Alice in Borderland Retry.

The story of Alice in Borderland season 2

This series tells the story of a young man named Alice and his friends. One fine day, after a particularly drunk evening, they find themselves in a large deserted city. They quickly realize that the world they find themselves in is full of perils. Alice and her faithful companions will have to survive various games, with varying difficulties, symbolized by playing cards.

Alice in Borderland season 2: what about her cast?

Regarding the distribution of this new opus, the main role of Alice Ryõhei is held by Kento Yamazaki who has played in various Japanese films and series. This actor already held the main role in the remake of a Korean series, Good Doctor, as well as in the series Kiss that Kills.

Alongside him, Tao Tsuchiya will play Yuzuha Usagi who played Makimachi Misao in the Kenshin the Vagabond films.

In the second season of Alice in Borderland, the character of Mira Kano, played by Riisa Naka, is gaining momentum.

Additional Info

Iker Bilbao, the director of the manga sector of Delcourt/Tonkam, revealed information relating to the sales of Alice in Borderland in an interview carried out for Allociné. He had mentioned the strong increase in sales in France following the first season broadcast on Netflix. Also, he was pointing to an impressive, but not surprising, adaptation given the huge success of the Alice in Borderland manga in Japan.

Iker Bilbao is therefore not surprised that the streaming giant is adapting it into a live-action series. He makes a point of underlining that it is extremely rare that a finished series is adapted because, in principle, one relies on the publication of the manga to carry out the promotion and the marketing.

There you go, you know everything to allow you to wait until December 22 to discover season 2 of Alice in Borderland!

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