she stabs him to save herself

she stabs him to save herself

Monday morning, Steven, a Sérésien born in 1989, was brought to the Liège courthouse where he was presented to the investigating judge with a request for an arrest warrant.

Steven had already been brought to the courthouse for blows during an argument with his partner. After these facts, the young man had, in particular, been asked to leave the home of his companion. With his two-year-old son and a friend, Steven had found refuge with the one he affectionately nicknamed his “mom at heart”, still in Seraing.


Not the good spirits

Early Sunday afternoon, Steven completely lost control. He got up late in the morning and he wanted to drink alcohol. Unsatisfied with the offer at his disposal, he got angry. He thus returned everything to his mother of heart, including the sofa in which his son was. It has made housing a real battlefield.

But the violence took on another dimension when Steven kicked his loving mom by pinning her against a door. Fortunately, the lady managed to grab a kitchen knife and stabbed Steven in the elbow. She managed to escape through the garden. She climbed a fence to take refuge with a neighbor from where help was called.

The victim suffers from a two-day incapacity for work. Steven is also injured and unable to work for a few days following his elbow cut.

Heard by the investigators, Steven explained that he did not remember anything.

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