Shiro Games is delighted to announce that Northgardthe popular strategy game Viking, has passed the milestone of 3 million players since its initial launch in 2018. The studio has been constantly adding new content to the game since its release, most recently with the Eagle Clan, which now offers 15 clans to choose from, multiplayer options and different difficulty levels to suit all playstyles. New content is coming soon, to bring more challenge and novelty to old players and newcomers alike.

Along with this impressive success, the independent French studio celebrates its 10th anniversary this month. Based in Bordeaux, the video game developer and publisher recently welcomed 10 new recruitswearing thetotal workforce at 60. The company is experiencing strong growth, driven by the historic successes ofEvoland and Northgard and recent launches of Dune: Spice Wars and War Tales in early access, both critically and popularly acclaimed.

The studio manages much of its technology and hasa diverse catalog of six games. Two unannounced projects are also under development and Shiro Games plans to hire 20 new people in the coming year. At the same time, the studio is developing a publishing activity called Shiro Unlimitedto support young independent studios in the development of original titles such as Decarnation Where Abyssals (expected release in 2023).

We founded Shiro Games with the goal of making the video games we’d love to play, and we’ve been on that path from the beginning. For a decade we’ve created our own franchises from the ground up, including Evoland, Northgard and War Talesand have worked with renowned industry partners on projects such as Dune: Spice Wars.” says Nicolas Cannasse, CEO of Shiro Games. “We are already working on two new games, our talented teams are growing and we are ready to continue this creative mission in the years to come.“.

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