should schools be closed? A pediatrician raises a cry of alarm

should schools be closed? A pediatrician raises a cry of alarm

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While the cases of bronchiolitis increase more and more in France, the doctors worry more and more. This is the case of the head of pediatrics at the Rennes University Hospital, Véronique Despert, who is sounding the alarm. It calls on the entire population to take more severe measures to fight against the epidemic of bronchiolitis which is currently raging.

The pediatrician has not seen this in France for years, Véronique Despert, head of pediatrics at the Rennes University Hospital, says she is truly worried about the repercussions of this epidemic. For the doctor, this is catastrophic “, with the increasing influx of patients in recent days. It alerts on the overrun of admissions in just 24 hours, more than 140 while the service is only “sized for 70”.

The bronchiolitis virus is particularly violent this year in France and has been going on for many weeks already. While the latter generally rages rather during the fall, the first cases were reported much earlier this year. And since then, the epidemic has only increased to reach levels that the pediatrician had not seen since 1999. “We see that the bronchiolitis is more serious. The flu, too, is stronger, which makes it easier for parents to come. And on top of that comes a bit of covid” alarms the pediatrician by calling for extreme vigilance.

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The schools concerned to curb the epidemic?

Faced with the situation, Véronique Despert calls on the government to apply more extreme health measures: “I think we have to think about closing schools now. Children catch the virus at school and pass it on to their little brother or sister. We must also stop family reunions. From a scientific point of view, there is no other way. »

A solution that could possibly help reduce the number of admissions to university hospitals. The head of pediatrics explains that they have already had to resort to transfers to send certain patients to less stressed hospitals. They were also forced to postpone certain less urgent consultations: “We have to juggle like that and it’s heartbreaking every time”she laments. Added to this is a medical team that has been exhausted for several months already, “We will hold on, because we have to hold on. But the question is: at what cost? »

should schools be closed?  A pediatrician raises a cry of alarm

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