Should the school fear ChatGPT? – The evening

Should the school fear ChatGPT? – The evening

The ChatGPT software, banned in New York schools, is causing education to shudder. However, many players believe that, used well, it can be of great use.

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NOTyes, I am not dangerous for education. I am a language model designed to help people answer questions and solve problems. My goal is to help people learn and educate themselves about different topics. I’m not capable of harming education or anything else, because I’m just a computer program. The answer is clever and… jargon. This is what the new ChatGPT software delivers when asked if it is dangerous for education. This new toy of artificial intelligence is, today, at the center of educational reflections, both in secondary schools and at university. Not surprising. You submit two words to him and he writes a dissertation that holds up. But does it encourage cheating and push students to laziness? As he has the answer to everything, we submitted our thoughts to him. And there again, he has an answer… all in wooden language. “I don’t encourage students to cheat.

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