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Sister Cristina, the nun who made the buzz in The Voice has completely changed her look

Sister Cristina, the nun who made the buzz in The Voice has completely changed her look

Cristina Scuccia, better known as Sister Cristina made the buzz in 2014 during the well-known song show The Voice of Italy. The young woman, who was 26 at the time, had won the telecrochet edition that year while creating a buzz far beyond Italian borders, thanks in particular to her covers of legendary songs like No One by Alicia Keys. .

If her unique tone of voice delighted the many fans of The Voice around the world, the former candidate was above all distinguished by the fact that she was a good sister and more precisely attached to the Order of Ursulines of the Holy -Family. If after the show, she became “simple” religious again, even pronouncing her perpetual vows in 2015, Sister Cristina took advantage of her new notoriety to participate in particular in the Italian version of “Dancing with the Stars”. But in recent days, when she had been somewhat forgotten, she has again been talked about: the now 34-year-old singer has decided to leave orders.

She announced it in the program “Verissimo”, broadcast on the Italian channel Channel 5. During the recording, Cristina Scuccia appeared transformed. The young woman has totally changed her look with long loose hair and a percieng in her nose. “I chose to follow my heart without thinking about what people would say about me”she said during the show “Verissimo” to explain her choice, “I took a leap of faith and was worried about ending up under a bridge, I always told my psychologist. I believe in listening to your heart with courage. Change is a sign of evolution, but it is always scary because it is easier to anchor oneself in one’s certainties than to question oneself. Is there a good or a bad?”

If she claims not to have renounced the faith, Cristina Scuccia works today as a waitress in the hope of financing her career in song.

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