Sleep paralysis: causes, signs… All you’ll want to learn about this phenomenon

Sleep paralysis: causes, signs… All you’ll want to learn about this phenomenon

Sleep paralysis is an intriguing phenomenon that, nevertheless, doesn’t seem to pose a well being danger.

Have you ever ever been a prisoner of your physique? Sleep paralysis is a dysfunction that happens primarily at evening, and happens when the sleeping particular person wakes up. A sensation of paralysis prevents the physique from transferring and a sense of panic can then be generated.

Extra exactly, this dysfunction usually happens if the person who comes out of sleep was in a REM sleep section.

In 2016, CNRS researchers, who have been finding out sleep-related issues, realized that, on this section of REM sleep, sure neurons “paralyze us, briefly, to maintain the physique motionless”.

The causes of sleep paralysis

These paralysis can then happen extra continuously in a number of conditions. “This could occur within the occasion of intense fatigue, acute sleep debt: the physique is not going to react as shortly because it ought to and muscle tone will take a number of seconds longer than regular to return”, indicated Dr. Bertrand De La Giclais, head of the sleep middle on the Argonay clinic (Haute-Savoie), to our colleagues from Figaro.

The physician additionally evokes the rationale remoted by CNRS researchers in 2016, estimating that the communication between the mind and the nerve endings of the physique have been “reduce for a time period in order that the particular person can’t be injured whereas dreaming”.

These paralysis should not critical

In accordance with figures from the specialised web site PasseportSanté, “30% of the inhabitants will expertise an episode of sleep paralysis” throughout their lifetime.

No therapy can treatment these sleep issues, that are within the overwhelming majority of instances punctual and benign.

Nevertheless, if sleep paralysis is on the rise, this might level to a narcolepsy downside. In accordance with Dr. Bertrand De La Giclais, “a couple of third of sufferers affected by narcolepsy continuously expertise sleep paralysis”.

They’re practically 15,000 to endure from narcolepsy in France, specifies the Physician, highlighting “an uncontrollable have to sleep in the course of the day”.

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