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Solène Hebert (Victoire) reveals that she suffered a lot during the filming of the charity evening for the last episode

Solène Hebert (Victoire) reveals that she suffered a lot during the filming of the charity evening for the last episode

In tomorrow belongs to us on TF1, Victoire was one of the guests poisoned during the charity evening. During the filming, his interpreter Solène Hebert suffered greatly.

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The Friday, November 18 episode of tomorrow belongs to us, the TF1 series, which is canceled during the Football World Cup, was marked by the rapprochement of the two exes, Victory (Solene Hebert) and Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui). The cop indeed danced with the doctor and took the opportunity to tell him that he missed her. As they were about to exchange a kiss, a man collapsed on the floor of the Great Hall. It was William… Immediately afterwards, the other guests fell ill. They were poisoned. This was the case for Aurore, Manon, Chloé, Sara, François, Bart, Charlie, Sylvain and Christelle Moreno, Renaud, Marianne, Emma, ​​Judith, Camille, but also Georges and Victoire. To discover the rest of this plot, you will have to wait until Monday, December 19 at 7:10 p.m. on TF1.

“I had a toothache…”

Filming was not easy for Solene Hebert. The interpreter of Victory was ill during the filming of this scene of the charity evening, as she revealed in a post in Story on her Instagram account followed by more than 269,000 subscribers. “Suffer in silence”said the pretty actress who took a selfie in her evening dress. I tried to take a bomb photo, but I had a toothache…“. His cheek was indeed quite swollen on the right side of his face.

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Solène Hebert is also an ambassador for Fossil

Apart from filming tomorrow belongs to us who will welcome Valérie Kaprisky, Solène Hebert also works as a model. “We’ve been preparing something for you for several months… And that’s it, it’s officially the launch of Fossil’s new fall / winter collection, of which I am the ambassador with Tom Lee! It’s quite moving.. Tell me what you think about it”, Solène Hebert asked her fans.

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