Starfield will revolutionize video games according to the first testers

Starfield will revolutionize video games according to the first testers

Starfield is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated video games of the year, a major cartridge for Microsoft in 2023. Some beta testers have been able to take it in hand and their feedback is clear: the title promises to be a revolution .

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Will Starfield be a new milestone in video game history? Bethesda’s latest baby (Skyrim, Fallout) has been waiting for years and it will finally see the light of day in 2023. Players have been able to take it in hand and have given their first opinion. He shows very positive.

Youtuber Colt Eastwood claims to have spoken with playstesters, players from outside Bethesda who were able to take it in hand and give their impressions.

“According to my sources, Starfield is even bigger and more ambitious than expected. It’s bigger than anything we’ve had in Skyrim. It takes everything we know from Skyrim and Fallout and makes it better. »

Starfield, Bethesda’s new bomb?

The Bethesda studio is a regular in open world games with a lot of content. Starfield is not only a new use of the formula, but a new approach. The space game wants us to explore thousands of planets, to make us complete hundreds and hundreds of quests, to allow us to engage in space combat, to manage planetary bases… in short, a whole lot of things. A revolutionary cocktail, according to Colt Eastwood.

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If these declarations give confidence, it is however necessary to keep in mind that these are only hallway noiseseven if the Youtubeur’s sources are often right. Beware indeed of too much hype which risks leading to a semi-disappointment. It will be necessary to know how to keep reason.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft is planning a conference dedicated to its 2023 releases next January 25. During the event, we should learn a bit more about Starfield, including its release date. Please note, this is not official information.

Whether the game is revolutionary or not, the release of Starfield will be a small event, the culmination of several years of development by Bethesda. Then, the studio will tackle its next baby: the highly anticipated The Elder Scrolls VI, the “sequel” to Skyrim.

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