Apparently, Stéphane will soon be ousted from the 12 Coups de Midi and will have to leave his status as midday master to another person. In any case, Stéphane’s incredible journey through this game show has inspired and obsessed many people.

Stéphane ousted from the 12 Coups de Midi

All fans of the 12 Coups de Midi know Stéphane and cannot remain indifferent to his career. In effect, for exactly 6 months, he has been the one and only midday master. Moreover, thanks to his prowess, Jean-Luc Reichmann and the viewers of the show highly value him.

In all, the candidate has 135 participations to his credit since his revelation and has won 40 victories. By flushing out the mysterious star more than 5 times, Stéphane has managed to gather a fairly substantial pot. According to the information, he would have won around 533,433 euros thanks to the 12 Coups de Midi.

Thereby, with his talent, it is almost impossible to imagine that one day he would be eliminated. And bearing, it could soon happen because nothing lasts forever. According to current rumors, the great Stéphane will soon give way to a new master and leave the game for good. Indeed, there would be a good chance that he would lose face against a new candidate.

An imminent departure for the current Midi master

Here, it is no longer a bad joke because Stéphane is well and well from the emission of Jean Luc Reichmann. According to forecasts, this will happen on Tuesday, January 17, 2023, the date of arrival of an association called “Pieces Jaunes” in the 12 noon shots.

The latter will actually try their luck to win the spoils of the game. Their goal is to earn money for a charitable cause. However, in their team, there would be a very talented young man named Alexandre who will apparently be the one to dethrone Stéphane.

However, before the arrival of this team, Brigitte Macron will appear in the TF1 program the day before Stéphane leaves. As she is the godmother of the “Pieces Jaunes” association, she will come to announce the arrival of her protégés and above all to wish them good luck.