Stéphane’s elimination date disclosed by a spectator who attended the filming?

Stéphane’s elimination date disclosed by a spectator who attended the filming?

Stéphane’s journey in the 12 strokes of noon

Fifth biggest winner to date of the TF1 culture and entertainment show, Stéphane participates in the 12 strokes of noon since last August.

After defeating many opponents, it reached a prize pool of over €500,000 and discovered at present 5 mysterious stars. But how far will he go?

Not without difficulty at times, he managed to maintain the title of midday master, but for how much longer?

Stephane’s elimination date is…

The information has just fallen and it is confirmed: Stéphane will be dethroned 12 strokes of noon in the week of January 16 to 22, 2023.

Indeed, it was during the filming of the show dating from last Thursday that the midday master had to give way to a formidable opponent.

It was during the “shot by shot” stage that Stéphane fell. He failed to leave the intruder out on several occasions. He therefore had to challenge one of his opponents to a duel. The latter therefore answered the question of Jean-Luc Reichmann.

His answer being correct, it is only natural that the former midday master Stéphane was forced to give up his place as champion.

How could such information leak?

He’s the youtuber star hunter who just released a video making this revelation. He has no less than 55,000 Youtube subscribers and regularly encourages Internet users who attended the broadcast of the 12 strokes of noon to provide him with information about it.

For the revelation of Stéphane’s elimination date, it would therefore be a leak from a contestant on the show or from a member of the public who took part in the recordings.

However, anyone attending or participating in the program signs a broadcast authorization in advance, which includes a confidentiality clause.

This person, if unmasked by the production, will therefore be liable to be prosecuted for non-compliance with the contract. It remains to be seen whether prosecutions will actually take place.

In the age of social networks, it is increasingly difficult to keep certain information secret.

Some wanted to see him go when others demanded his maintenance on the show as long as possible. Still, his departure is now announced in 3 weeks.

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