Surprising Christmas meal for Camilla, who receives enemies from Meghan and Harry

Surprising Christmas meal for Camilla, who receives enemies from Meghan and Harry

People and royalty

We imagine the discussion around the turkey stuffed with chestnuts… A few days ago, Queen Consort Camilla celebrated Christmas with celebrities. Among them, particularly virulent journalists against the Sussexes.

Based on a Paris Match France article by Marine Corviole

What a strange list of guests… On Wednesday December 14, at the Murano restaurant in London, Queen Consort Camilla took part in a Christmas lunch. The wife of King Charles III celebrated the end of the year in the company of several celebrities, including journalists who were not kind to her stepson Harry.

The event organized in this starred restaurant brought together British actors Judi Dench, Hugh Bonneville and Maggie Smith, as shown by photos relayed in the Daily mail. But two other personalities particularly caught the attention of the photographers grouped in front of the establishment: the journalists and animators Piers Morgan and Jeremy Clarkson, known for their hateful speeches against Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle.

Just two days after his lunch with Camilla, Jeremy Clarkson also published an incriminating article against the Sussexes in the tabloid The sunin response to the airing of the last three episodes of the documentary series on Netflix. According to the host of Top of the line, Prince Harry would be nothing more than a “puppet” manipulated by his wife, who “talking bullshit”.

A family still cold

Jeremy Clarkson is particularly virulent since he claims to hate Meghan Markle: “At night, I am unable to sleep (…) dreaming of the day when she will be forced to parade naked in the streets of all the cities of Great Britain while the crowd chants “Shame! and throws feces at him. » Words that resonate particularly when we know that the journalist enjoyed a Christmas meal with Camilla two days earlier…

On Netflix, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dwell on the media pressure, in particular the heavy criticism aimed at them in the British tabloids for the past five years. The Sussexes claim that not only has the palace never taken steps to protect them against these attacks, but above all that the communication teams have more or less contributed to them, trading an unflattering story about Charles or William for an anecdote. crisp on Meghan and Harry, who for their taste, eclipsed the rest of the royal family a little too much.

After an icy reunion with the Firm at Elizabeth II’s Jubilee, then at the Queen’s funeral last September, the Sussexes could return to England for the coronation of Charles III next May. Their confidences on Netflix, followed by the memoirs of Prince Harry in January 2023, are not likely to help reconciliation.

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