Swimming pool, restaurant, bar…a new extraordinary space is set up in front of the Soignes forest

Swimming pool, restaurant, bar…a new extraordinary space is set up in front of the Soignes forest

Can Brussels become THE new cosmopolitan destination? It must be said that everything is in place to give the capital an international dimension, whether on the food and artistic scene or through new concepts and unique spaces that have multiplied in recent years. We have also just been whispered to us as an exclusive that a brand new space out of the ordinary was going to land in the heart of the capital. Her name ? TheMix. You will understand why.

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This is the new space that will put the capital in turmoil from the spring of 2023. In the little architectural gem that once housed the Royale Belge, a space of nearly 21,000 square meters will be set up. In the program ? A fitness centre, a wellness centre, a four-star hotel, various workspaces, restaurants and bars, and a versatile event venue of incomparable scope for Brussels, or even Belgium. The little (or big) plus? The new concept offers a breathtaking view of the Sonian Forest.

The new place for foodies

“Once you enter the Mix, there is no longer any reason to leave”this is how this new project looks that we did not expect to see land. The goal? Respond to all desires and, above all, to all needs. And the bet seems to be off to a good start since we are already predicted bars, terraces with vast gardens that plunge us into an island of greenery without straying far from the capital. People come here to play sports, to take a well-deserved well-being break or to enjoy the indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Three restaurants led by the French group Moma Group (behind the prestigious food concepts Le Manko, Le Victoria, Le Noto, Lapérouse…) will also be on the program. You can taste both superfood-based recipes and delicious negroni at the end of the evening.

Another big surprise, the famous Wolf food court in the city center will also be set up in this new space, this time under a brand new name: Fox. A small name which is not by chance since it refers directly to the foxes which often point the tip of their muzzle at the edge of the Sonian Forest. It will be a “streetonomie” atmosphere this time, where street food and bistro cuisine meet and merge to give a new original cuisine. Meeting rooms, an auditorium, banquet rooms and a coworking space will complete the set. Add to all this a four-star hotel with 140 rooms. In short, there is plenty to do.

Swimming pool, restaurant, bar…a new extraordinary space is set up in front of the Soignes forest

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A little architectural gem

The address is also distinguished by its cutting-edge architecture designed by the Franco-Belgian duo Pierre Dufau and René Stapels, and updated by architects Peter St John, Dirk Somers, DDS+ and Ma2by. For the interior decoration, we can count on the good taste of Lionel Jadot. The challenge ? Respect the functionalist pillars of the place while bringing a contemporary touch conducive to the new activities of the place.

For these tailor-made works, the workshop of the renowned Belgian architect works as usual with the team of Zaventem Ateliers. The opportunity to come and stroll to discover the brand new design of the place, which has also been designed according to an ecological and sustainable vision. Worth specifying. The Mix is ​​also part of a Natura 2000 area, and takes targeted measures to protect the fauna and flora of the region, in particular the protection of bats. We can’t wait – very can’t wait – to be in spring all of a sudden.


Where ? 25 Boulevard du Souverain, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort

When ? From spring 2023


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