Tears, anger, anxiety… Karine Le Marchand with an open heart on her difficult year 2022

Tears, anger, anxiety… Karine Le Marchand with an open heart on her difficult year 2022

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As 2022 comes to an end, host Karine Le Marchand gave a mixed review of this year on her Instagram account.

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Elected “favorite French host” of the year in a TV Mag poll, Karine Le Marchand took to her Instagram account to thank her 678,000 subscribers for their support. The opportunity for the presenter of “Love is in the meadow” to discuss the difficulty with which she has gone through these last few months.

“As for many of you, the year 2022 has been a trying year, nervously, physically, emotionally. Like you (even if I don’t know how to show it), I sometimes cried with rage, sadness, I felt loneliness, and anxiety, ”first wrote the host.

Alya’s mother (20 years old) continues her message by explaining that she is particularly affected by the environmental crisis, cruelty towards people and animals, war, poverty… “Thanks to my relatives, and my friends, to whom I was able to say ‘it’s not okay’, I received support and love. And I regained hope and my energy. »

A year marked by the death of Jean-Claude Joly

Karine Le Marchand continues by thanking her fans for “their testimonies of tenderness, recognition and love”. The 54-year-old presenter concludes her message by wishing them “to bury this horrible year quickly”. “I wish for 2023 that kindness, love and joy are a goal to be achieved together. I kiss you tenderly, ”concluded the one who was a master driver for a long time, before making a name for himself on the small screen.

Among the events that marked Karine Le Marchand’s difficult year 2022 is the death of Jean-Claude Joly, farmer and former candidate for “Love is in the meadow”. The 53-year-old dairy farmer, to whom she was close, was found hanged on his Normandy farm last June. She then sent him this posthumous message: “You chose to say stop, so rest in peace. »

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