Teenage girl suspected of stabbing stepfather after argument

Teenage girl suspected of stabbing stepfather after argument

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youA 17-year-old girl was placed in a closed center on Monday, suspected of having stabbed her 33-year-old stepfather the day before in Huizingen (Flemish Brabant), the Hal-Vilvoorde prosecutor’s office announced on Monday. The man did not survive.

The victim lived in Huizingen with his partner and her four children, the eldest of whom, already an adult, was not present on Sunday. The two girls aged 13 and 17 and the 15 year old boy were present in the house.

“According to the medical examiner, the man lost his life as a result of a stab wound to the region of the heart and lungs,” according to the spokesperson for the prosecution. “The mother and two of the minor children have already been auditioned. An argument allegedly took place between the 17-year-old girl and her stepfather, during which she threatened him with a knife.

The teenager claims that the man took the knife and stabbed himself, but this does not seem to correspond to the conclusions of the medical examiner, indicates the prosecution, who requested the investigating judge to place him in a closed center for assassination.

The mother and her 13-year-old daughter would not have seen the scene, being in another part of the house. The 15-year-old son would have been present during the facts and has yet to be auditioned.

The prosecution went to the scene on Monday morning with the investigating judge. An autopsy of the victim’s body is to take place on Tuesday.

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