Tens of thousands of dollars and gifts: Amouranth fans spoil the streamer

Tens of thousands of dollars and gifts: Amouranth fans spoil the streamer

Cultural News Tens of thousands of dollars and gifts: Amouranth fans spoil the streamer

Being a streamer can sometimes be a dream. If we mustn’t forget the sometimes colossal working time necessary for the progress of a good live, there are also sides that seem more relaxing: this is the case of the unboxings made for his birthday, as did Amouranth at the end of last week.


  • Amouranth receives a taser and thousands of dollars=
  • “There is no creepy side”

Amouranth receives a taser and thousands of dollars=

The process of unpacking is a concept that has worked for many years on broadcast platforms, whether live like Twitch or other more classic like Youtube. It consists for the creator of publishing a video of him unpacking a product from its original packaging, whether electronic equipment (telephones, audio headsets, etc.) or video games in their collector’s editions. It is therefore logical to see the pundits of the Internet landscape using it. This is for example the case of Amouranth, who made one two days ago for his birthday.

An evening that she prepared long enough in advance: although her birthday is December 2, she announced on November 15 that her fans could send her gifts to her address. It is therefore two days ago that the queen of twitch decided to do a unpacking related to the gifts she had received to celebrate her new spring. A unpacking quite surprising since a fan of the streamer decided to send her tens of thousands of dollars as well as other gifts concerning a bodyguard:

Amouranth, opened an anonymous viewer’s gift, which included $70,000 in cash, a new iPhone and a taser.

“There is no creepy side”

A more than generous gesture since after verification, the tickets sent are not fake. The anonymous spectator even attached a letter to the package providing some details on his initiative. A letter read by the streamer in full live, which specifies that there is no consideration in exchange for this donation:

I have provided some essential defenses as well as cash to ensure that no financial manipulation can get in the way of your resolution.

There’s not a creepy, “run away with me, please marry me” side like there normally is.

The mentioned resolution refers to the decisions taken by Amouranth following the chilling revelations she made during a live broadcast in mid-October. She then declared that she was the victim of blackmail and threats from her husband. Following this affair, she took a break to come back in better health with things that she really wanted to do. A change that can be observed via the statistics since it has played a lot more Overwatch latelywithout it having a real impact on its revenues which are still colossal.

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