The 5 technological flops of 2022: this metaverse that no one is interested in, massive layoffs…

The 5 technological flops of 2022: this metaverse that no one is interested in, massive layoffs…

Regardless of the glitz and sensational announcements, the dream of a bright future boosted by innovation has often given way to nightmare these last months. Discover below these 5 technological flops that particularly marked the year 2022.

1. This metaverse that nobody cares about

Mark Zuckerberg seems to believe in it hard as iron. A billion people will walk through Horizon Worlds by 2030, estimates the big boss of Meta, the parent company of Facebook. Better, these users will spend money in this metaverse, this world virtual accessible via a virtual reality headset.

From dream to reality, there are still serious chasms to fill. In 2022, Horizon Worlds is painful to do with its sketchy graphics and its 200,000 active users per month. Even Meta employees don’t believe it internally, as a memo revealed confidential published by the American site The Verge.

2. The shameful addition of the 2022 iPad

Farewell to the basic iPad sold from €389. Distributed since October 26, 2022, the iPad version 2022 is available from… €589! That is 200 € more than its predecessors. Apple is imposing a radical shift on its famous touchscreen tablet, which no longer serves as a product of appeal and discovery of the ecosystem.

“Apple has applied inflation and the fall of the euro in a radical and even anticipatory way in certain territories”, analyzes Jérôme Keinborg, founder of the YouTube channel Nowtech. “This policy shocks me. Other brands have chosen to cushion this price increase a little bit by cutting back on their margin. »

3. The holey racket of Belgian cybersecurity

Cybersecurity experts have been hammering it for a long time: Belgium is an easy and ill-prepared target for hackers. In 2022, they once again fired all wood on our territory. Example: the hacking of hospitals and rest homes of the inter-municipal Vivalia, in the province of Luxembourg.

The level of trivialization is such that nobody seems to be moved when the confidential files of the municipality of Maldegem wander freely in nature after their hacking.

Hacked into indifference, the confidential files of a Belgian municipality are online

4. The sad end of Google Stadia

We sometimes forget that Google is as much a success machine as a flops. Who still remembers Google+, the social network with artificially inflated statistics? It is common for the American colossus of research to euthanize a service that has never found its audience. Next victim: Google Stadia.

At the end of September 2022, Google began the slow agony of the cloud gaming service launched with great fanfare in November 2019.

This huge Google service will end on January 18, 2023: refunds are coming soon

5. Tens of thousands of layoffs

The numbers are dramatic and dizzying. In 2022, companies in the new technologies sector announced massive layoffs: 6,000 employees at HP (Hewlett-Packard), 10,000 at Amazon, 11,000 at Meta (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram), 3,750 at Twitter.

In his awkwardly stammered apologies, Mark Zuckerberg (Meta) mentioned… a miscalculation. “At the onset of Covid, the world quickly turned to the internet and the rise of e-commerce led to outsized revenue growth. Many people predicted that it would be a permanent acceleration that would continue even after the pandemic was over. I did the same, and so I made the decision to significantly increase our investments. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as I had planned. Not only has e-commerce returned to earlier trends, but the macroeconomic downturn, increased competition, and loss of advertising has caused our revenue to be much lower than I had anticipated. I was wrong, and I take responsibility for it. »

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