the 6 fundamental causes of a “difficult” transit

the 6 fundamental causes of a “difficult” transit

We’re speaking about constipation when there was no unfastened stool for 3 days. “Past that, we should act, as a result of the chance of intestinal obstruction is actual”, warns Raphaël Gruman dietician-nutritionist. An occasional slowed transit could cause bloating, intestinal cramps, complications, a boring complexion… In the long run, power constipation can have extra critical penalties. “This will promote the event of colon most cancers,” warns the dietitian.

What’s a standard transit?

“A every day bowel motion – a minimum of – is an indication of excellent well being, underlines Hélène Comlan, naturopath. An individual who eats thrice a day and goes to the bathroom thrice a day can also be fairly is regular… The stools have to be molded, that’s to say neither too smooth nor too dry like rabbit droppings.” If a slowing of transit could be attributable to a one-time change in way of life (journey, and many others.), power constipation have to be given particular consideration. Its components could be a number of and cumulative. “However in no case, it’s a fatality” insists the naturopath.

Watch out for strict diets

“Too strict slimming diets – such because the excessive protein weight loss plan – could cause constipation, notes Raphaël Gruman. Similar to skipping a meal, or when the weight loss plan is simply too low in fats. The (…)

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