The chilling testimonies of 8 young women who incriminate Norman Thavaud

The chilling testimonies of 8 young women who incriminate Norman Thavaud

The French daily “Liberation” unveiled this Thursday eight testimonies of young women, who accuse Norman Thavaud of sexual, psychological or rape violence. The stories sketch a pattern of “empowerment” with a particular attraction for young girls.

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Lhe custody of French youtubeur Norman Thavaud for rape and corruption of a minor was lifted Tuesday evening “for further investigation”, without prosecution at this stage, the Paris prosecutor’s office told AFP.

The host of the “Norman makes videos” channel was placed in police custody on Monday as part of a preliminary investigation entrusted to the minors protection brigade, opened in January 2022. Six young women filed a complaint against the youtubeur, according to the public ministry.

In a video published this Tuesday evening, Le Roi des Rats, youtubeur has more than 1.4 million subscribers on the platform, reveals the edifying testimonies of several young girls who had relations with Norman Thavaud.

While the complainants were six in number, the daily Release unveils this Thursday the testimony of 8 young girls who had a relationship with the videographer. The victims speak of a pattern of influence, where Norman Thavaud seems “to want to take advantage of his notoriety to do emotional blackmail and obtain sexual relations”.

A testimony reports in particular an exchange between the youtubeur and a victim, Louise, who would have been 18 years old at the time of the facts. Norman Thavaud, 29 at the time, wrote on the Messenger app, “Since we’ve been talking, you’ve become a kind of fantasy for me. I really like you, your face, your shapes… The fact that you’re younger, I like it too. And what’s more, you’re resisting me…”, according to Release.

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“You are taking your head too much”

In 2020, a Quebec fan, Maggie D., publicly accused Norman Thavaud of having manipulated her to obtain sexual photos and videos, when she was, according to her, 16 years old at that time. She said she had filed a complaint in Canada. According to Liberation, Maggie D. and Norman had daily conversations, until the day the videographer asked for photos of the naked girl. The French daily indicates “After several initial refusals, Maggie Desmarais had ended up giving in, after arguments like: “When we really love someone, we do it” or “you take your head too much. It’s normal, you’re a little baby. (…) As his 31st birthday approaches, on April 14, he makes it clear to Maggie Desmarais that he would like a special gift. “I had to send him a striptease on Snapchat and he saved it to the chat. »

Louise and Maggie are not the only ones to describe similar facts. Release indicates to investigate for almost a year on the facts which accuse Norman Thavaud, and publishes a total of eight chilling testimonies. Manipulation, manipulative behavior, sexual blackmail to obtain, in particular, “blow jobs”, verbal abuse and obsession with very young girls, the content of the stories is chilling.

In 2018, several testimonies had already targeted him as part of the “balancetonyoutubeur” movement, after a tweet from Squeezie on those who take advantage “of the psychological vulnerability of young subscribers to obtain sexual intercourse”. Even if the latter assured later that it was “not at all” aimed at Norman.

Prosecution uncertain

Several sources had told AFP since Monday that Norman Thavaud’s police custody would not necessarily lead to prosecution, as the case stands.

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