The differences between the flu and the common cold

The differences between the flu and the common cold

Thus, the regional direction of public health of Montreal has seen fit to issue a reminder on the occasion of the holiday season to help the population to differentiate the symptoms of a flu and a cold.

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Overall, flu symptoms are more frequent and intense than those of a cold.

Santé Montréal relied on information from the national public health department to issue its reminder.

Differences between flu and cold symptoms



Common cold


Frequent; sudden onset; temperature between 38 and 40°C Absent or slight


Frequent; sudden onset Frequent; mild or moderate


Frequent; sometimes intense rare

Pains, aches

Frequent; sometimes intense Rare; light


Frequent; intense (a few days, sometimes more) Frequent; light
Nausea, vomiting Rare (adults), frequent (children); often accompanied by diarrhea and stomach pain in children Rare; light
Runny nose or congestion Rare (adults), common (children) Frequent
Sneezing rare Frequent
Sore throat Frequent Frequent

Source: Ministry of Health and Social Services

On the eve of Christmas 2022, the indicators show a clear decrease in the spread of influenza in the province, according to data from the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec (INSQ). These figures confirmed the decline of a first wave of seasonal flu.

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