The Famiflora garden complex in Mouscron placed under seal

The Famiflora garden complex in Mouscron placed under seal

The Charleroi public prosecutor’s office had twice threatened the establishment specializing in gardening with a placement under seal, without anything changing.

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Lhe Famiflora shopping complex was placed under seal Thursday morning by the Charleroi public prosecutor’s office, the judicial authority said in the afternoon, confirming information from several media. Several infractions, urban planning and environmental, had been noted for several months.

The Mouscron police intervened Thursday morning at the Famiflora garden complex on rue Jules Vantieghem in Mouscron. Seals were placed on the doors of the store by judicial decision of the Charleroi public prosecutor’s office. According to the judicial authority, several offenses have been observed for several months, without anything changing. “Initially, there were town planning offenses and additions not included in the initial permit. We have for example the extension of a car park, the placement of greenhouses and garden sheds, the creation of a chip shop, the extension of the restaurant over 500 square meters and all this without a permit. There had been discussions with the municipality and the region to regularize everything, but that did not succeed, ”said Amélie Di Vincenzo, deputy prosecutor of Charleroi.

The Charleroi public prosecutor’s office has twice threatened the establishment specializing in gardening with a placement under seal. “When the file arrived on my desk a year ago, I still had discussions with officials to reach a solution. On two occasions, I threatened the establishment with a placement under seal. In the meantime, environmental offenses have been observed. “There were installations which are not covered, this time, by the environmental permit. For example, there is a water catchment that captures more than its permit authorizes, vehicles park right next to it when it is prohibited. Not to mention a waste incinerator which is also there without a permit.”

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The non-compliance of the electrical installation is the last point that prompted the Charleroi public prosecutor’s office to act on the spot. “The electrical installation is not compliant and there is also a problem with the fire safety plan. Any business structure should have one and here there is no report from a compliance relief zone. The last report still mentioned problems that have not been resolved. It was no longer possible to continue like this, as we arrive at a time of year when a large crowd is expected, ”detailed the Charleroi prosecution.

The garden complex will remain closed until further notice. “It is difficult to say how long this situation can last. The ball is now in the court of trade officials, ”concluded the deputy prosecutor.

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