The flu epidemic more worrying than the Covid this winter?

The flu epidemic more worrying than the Covid this winter?

Flu alert in France. As winter sets in in mainland France, concern is growing about an epidemic that could be much more virulent than in the previous two years. “If we stay on the figures of what happened in the southern hemisphere, especially in Reunion, the epidemic should be quite significant”, explains to TF1info Pierre-Olivier Variot, president of the Union of Unions of Community Pharmacists (USPO). A finding shared by the Minister of Health. Sunday, November 20 on LCI, François Braun had thus assured that “the indicators of the arrival of the flu are lighting up in the West. It is virulent”.

A more intense wave explained by the fact that “It’s been two years, with Covid-19 and barrier gestures, that we have little flu. As a result, we no longer have sufficient immunity”, says Pierre-Olivier Variot. Especially since the virus seems to arrive earlier than in previous seasons. “We already have clusters arriving in Brittany (…) it’s early compared to other years”says the pharmacist. The region has also been in the pre-epidemic phase for two weeks.

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