The ideal temperature to set in case of absence to reduce heating costs.

The ideal temperature to set in case of absence to reduce heating costs.

All opinions converge: 2022 was distinct from other years. As the country regained strength after the social and medical crisis, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia affected the European and global economy. As winter approaches, it is important to prepare for rising energy prices. This is where the heater temperature comes into play.

Heating temperature, but not heating shutdown.

If you are not at home, it is not necessary to turn off the heating completely. It is important to know that a cold room requires more energy to be heated than a warm room. As you can imagine, heating expenses will be significant as soon as you turn your heating back on. You may end up not getting anything back from what you’ve earned if you don’t heat up. ADEME recommends setting the temperature to 16°C when you are not at home. If your absence lasts several days or even several weeks, it is suggested to lower the temperature to 12 degrees Celsius.

You can also set the heating mode to frost protection. These are temperatures of 9degC. It is crucial to note that in the event of prolonged absence, it is essential to turn off the water heater. Why ? Because increasing the temperature of the water heater will allow you to consume less energy rather than heating the water unnecessarily for a few days. ADEME estimates that judicious use of the room thermostat can achieve energy savings of 15%. Energy. Replacing conventional faucets with thermostatic faucets offers average savings of between 5 and 10%. If you lower the temperature by one degree, this is equivalent to a saving of 7. This is why it is advisable to pay attention to the setting of your thermostat!

The ideal temperatures for your home

As you may know, the French government is trying to get people to reduce their energy consumption. Thus, for the winter of 2022, the temperature of 19 degrees is strongly recommended for every French household. This temperature is ideal for keeping your body warm. If you’re trying to keep your costs down, it’s important to temper less used rooms in your home.

In the bedroom, for example, a temperature of 17 degrees Celsius is required. Knowing that it can have an influence on your sleep, 17 degrees are enough to ensure a good night’s sleep sleep. If you are in a warm space, you will take longer to sleep and you may even fall asleep. For children under 10, too high a temperature could trigger nightmares due to discomfort.

What is the ideal temperature to respect when you are at home?

As we mentioned earlier, it is recommended to maintain a temperature of 17 degrees Celsius in the bedrooms. If there is a young person in the room, it is possible to increase the thermometer to 18°C ​​and for the younger ones. However, if it is winter and your children spend their time inside the room, it is better to increase the temperature to 19 degrees Celsius. The living space should be the same temperature as when you are at home.

ADEME recommends that you adjust the thermostat in the event of temporary absence from your home in order to reduce your energy costs as much as possible. Indeed, this measure makes it possible to save the energy consumed and therefore to save money. According to the agency, to successfully control heating costs, you must start by adjusting the temperature to what you need.

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