the James Webb telescope has captured the outer reaches of the galaxy

the James Webb telescope has captured the outer reaches of the galaxy


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Astronomy: the James Webb telescope has captured the edge of the galaxy
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The James Webb telescope, which has been traveling since December 2021 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, has taken photos of the most distant galaxies. These images contradict the work of the best astrophysicists.

Like a painting, at the edge of the universe. The James Webb Telescope has taken pictures of a whirlwind of galaxies that takes us back to the birth of stars. These images may soon unravel the mystery of the creation of the cosmos. Since July 2022. It provides scientists around the world with unpublished images. It allows, thanks to infrared rays, to discover galaxies hitherto invisible.

Challenging the model of galaxy formation

The telescope could reveal how these star clusters formed. “We are seeing properties in these first galaxies that were not expected. We realize that they have stars that are already old. We are looking at the very beginning of the universe, these galaxies, all young, already have old stars. (…) We are, in a way, questioning the model of galaxy formation”explains Nicolas Laporte, astrophysicist at the University of Cambridge. By opening a window thousands of light-years away, James Webb may answer one of mankind’s oldest questions: where do we come from and are we alone?

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