the League warns of the worsening of the situation

the League warns of the worsening of the situation

Shortages medicationscreenings one half-mast, diagnostic delays, medical desertshealth system breathless…against the backdrop of the economic crisis and social, Iare inequalities already strong get worse especially for the distant, the isolated, the abandoned. The League Against Cancer, which works with sick people on a daily basis, warns of the worsening of the situation!

The theme “For fairer care” of World Cancer Day is sadly topical. The League Against Cancer, which acts against inequalities in the face of cancer throughout mainland France and overseas territories: prevention actions, supportive care, financial aid: 3.7 million euros in financial aid for the most vulnerable in 2022, … It also carries the voice of sick people and their relatives: inequalities are widening and the situation requires the total mobilization of all.

The League works everywhere, for everyone… without distinction.

For more than 100 years, the League Against Cancer has been fighting to promote access to prevention, screening, care, treatment, innovative drugs, supportive care… to help sick people and their loved ones at all levels.

The League Against Cancer and its 103 departmental committees offer totally free actions in the territories, an even more essential support for the most vulnerable:

– financial aid: 3,755,603 euros in financial aid to sick people and their relatives in 2022, of which 42% were workers or employees, either 8,672 families supported.
– a telephone hotline, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2022 and which supports thousands of families each year.
– support care accessible to all (psychological support, social support, socio-aesthetic care, adapted physical activities, etc.)
– advocacy actions and tools for communities, in order to act in the most deprived areas…

Whatever their level of income, their job, their family situation, where they live, the type of cancer… we help everythingare the sick people without distinction. In the face of drug shortages, medical deserts, inflation, to the hospital crisis, we carry out many actions in the field which are all totally free, let’s remember ; and therefore accessible to all. Our presence in each department is also a response to the inequalities between the territories which do not all offer the same services and support systems. HASToday the situation is getting worse, especially for them more vulnerable until rupture. For them : patients, families, loved ones and essential caregivers, we must more than ever mobilize ourselves and not let go of our fight” explains Daniel Nizri, president of the League against Cancer
The crisis of the health system seriously penalizes the patients of the cancer

During illness, sick people increasingly face a shortage of drugs anti-cancer

According to the ANSM – National Agency for the Safety of Medicines – there have been 2 160 reports of stockouts or risk of stockouts reported in 2021, compared to 1,504 in 2019… and 404 in 2013! Among these drugs, a significant part of cancer treatments. Direct consequence: loss of chance.

According to the League, 68% of oncologists believe that shortages of cancer drugs have an impact on the 5-year survival of their patients.
Les inequalities persist before, during, after cancer
While 40% of cancers are preventable, the most economically fragile populations are also those most exposed to the causes or aggravating factors of cancer. Indeed, people aged 18 to 45 whose level of diploma is lower than the BAC have twice the risk to consume tobacco daily and drink alcohol regularly than people with higher education.


The leading independent associative funder of cancer research, the League Against Cancer is an independent non-governmental organization based on the generosity of the public and the commitment of its activists. With more than 500,000 members and 20,000 volunteers, the League is a popular movement organized into a federation of 103 departmental committees. Together, they fight in four complementary directions: seek to heal, prevent to protect, accompany to help, mobilize to act. Today, the League makes the fight against cancer a societal issue bringing together the greatest possible number of health, economic, social and political actors in all territories. By breaking taboos and fears, the League contributes to changing the image of cancer and those who are affected by it. For more information:

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