The Marchioness of Cubas announces her pregnancy by revealing her baby bump

The Marchioness of Cubas announces her pregnancy by revealing her baby bump

The Marchioness of Cubas ends the year 2022 and begins the year 2023 with very good news. Isabelle Junot, daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco’s ex-husband, is pregnant. Isabelle married Álvaro Falcó, brand new Marquess of Cubas, in April 2022, in a lavish ceremony.

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The Marquis and Marchioness of Cubas are expecting their first child

On April 2, 2022, Isabelle Junot married Álvaro Falcó y Chávarri, 4th Marquess of Cuba in Plasencia, in the presence of the former Prime Minister’s son, José María Aznar, Prince Hubertus de Honhenlohe and Sandra Falcó, Marquise de Mirabel. .

Álvaro Falcó obtained the title of Marquess of Cubas in June 2021 by confirmation from the Ministry of Justice, succeeding his father, Fernando Falcó y Fernández de Córdoba, who died at 81 in October 2020. This was the social event the most anticipated of the beginning of the year 2022 in Spain. At the start of 2023, the celebrations begin again.

The Marchioness of Cubas announces her pregnancy by revealing her baby bump
Isabelle Junot married the Marquis de Cubas in April 2022 (Photo: SOPA Images Limited/Alamy Live News)

Isabelle Junot announced that she was pregnant on her social networks on New Year’s Eve. “And I thought this year couldn’t be more magical!!! »she wrote to her 118,000 subscribers on Instagram on December 31, 2022. In the photo shared on Instagram, the young marquise wears her New Year’s Eve outfit and also displays her rounded belly. “Happy New Year from me and my tiny belly! “. The marquise also shared photos of her and her ” little belly “ in a bathing suit at the beach.

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Isabelle Junot married the Marquis de Cubas in 2022

Isabelle is one of the daughters of Philippe Junot, the French businessman who rebuilt his life after his marriage to Princess Caroline of Monaco, daughter of Prince Rainier III, now known as Princess Caroline of Hanover. Businesswoman and influencer, Isabelle Junot has launched a food coaching program. As Vanity Fair explains, Isabelle is an actress by training, but she became a culinary coach during confinement, while she was looking for a way to reinvent herself. She is now known to the general public thanks to her participation in the celebrity version of MasterChef, in the same season as María Zurita y Borbón, daughter of the Infanta Margarita and niece of King Juan Carlos.

The dubious Marquise de Cubas with a siphon in the MasterChef Celebrity 7 trailer (Photo: La 1/RTVE video screenshot)

Philippe Junot, son of a French deputy and a mother from a family of Danish industrialists, married Princess Caroline of Monaco, civilly and religiously, in 1978. The divorce was pronounced in 1980. It was not until 1992 for the religious marriage to be annulled by the Vatican. Philippe Juniot married Nina Wendelboe-Larsen in 1988. They had three children, Victoria, Isabelle and Alexis. This marriage ended in divorce. Philippe Junot again became a father in 2005, at the age of 65, of a little Chloé, born of his relationship with the model Helén Wendel.

The Marquise de Cubas announced her pregnancy on December 31, 2022, taking the opportunity to send her wishes for 2023 to her followers on Instagram (Photo: Europa Press/Abacapress/ISOPIX)

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The title of Marquess of Cubas was granted in February 1862 by Queen Isabella II to María de la Blanca Fernández de Córdoba, daughter of the 6th Duke of Arión. The name of the marquisate refers to the city of Cubas de la Sagra, about thirty kilometers south of Madrid.

When the first Marchioness of Cubas died childless in 1917, her great-nephew, Joaquín Fernando Fernández de Córdoba y Osma, inherited the title, already the holder of a multitude of titles, including that of Duke of Arión, Marquis of Griñon or Marquis of Berantevilla. It was his grandson, Fernando Falcó, son of his daughter Hilda, who inherited the title of Marquess of Cubas.

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